Monday, March 6, 2017

A Little About Immigration To Quebec

Quebec is a province in Canada, where the majority of French speakers live. Because it is part of the larger Canada, the province is under Federal governance as far as immigration is concerned. However, owing to an accord that was signed between the province administration and the federal government, Quebec gets to vet the immigrants that move there.
Part of the vetting is to ensure that the people moving into the province contribute positively to the economy and that they are fluent in French, which is the primary language of instruction. In recent years, the administration in Quebec has been investing in French teaching facilities to absorb more immigrants to fill the labor crunch that has hit the province.

How Many Immigrate To Quebec
The two main bodies, the federal government, and the provincial administration of the district will vet you. The government of Quebec will vet you on your suitability and ability to adapt in Quebec. You will need to apply for a Statistical Quality Control (SQC). You will also have your educational background vetted and certified.
The Federal Government will do the rest, which entails checking your medical background, and all the verifications that deem you right to be in the country.

The Cultural Difference
It is imperative to note that 80% of the residents of Quebec are Francophone and so French dominates in each part of the province. The job market differs slightly from the rest of the provinces, and you will certainly need to do your homework especially if you are not familiar with the culture.

The Qu├ębec Job Market
French is the official language. The market is full-time, part-time and contract kind. The market offers excellent opportunities for those who want to be self-employed. Most jobs are found in the small and medium enterprises.
Quebec is very strict in its values, which are equality, cooperation, participation, and flexibility. Regardless of your background, either political or economically, you will be treated as an equal, and you will be expected to start at the same level.
Skills matter a lot in the Quebec job market, and any promotions will be based on the way you apply yourself. Women are well represented and respected. Time is a valued commodity.

A welcoming Society

The community in Quebec is welcoming and embracing of new arrivals. As long as you respect the common values, you will have a good time in the province. Learn the language, speak it, and respect the culture. 

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