Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Looking for A Canadian "Green Card"?

This is the story of the US Green Card. It is the authority document that gives a holder permanent residency in the US. It shows that they are lawfully in the country and they can seek employment using it. It is unique to the United States, and hear this; it is not printed on green paper. At least not since 1964.
The Canada "green card" is not really a green card. In short, Canada does not offer green cards, but the entry program for immigrants grants them benefits similar to those you have when you are an American green card holder. You can work in any part of the country, leave, and re-enter the country as you wish.
Ways to Obtain the Canada "Green Card."
There are four ways to qualify for what we call ‘streams’ and any immigrant wishing to make Canada their permanent residence must qualify for at least one of them. 
·         The Skilled Worker Category
This class targets a person who has a high level of education and can contribute to the Canadian workforce and economy right away. They should at least have some level of work experience including in skilled trade, professional occupation, and management. They will be judged on language proficiency, education, age, and work experience, scoring points at every level. A potential immigrant will need at least 67/100 points to qualify in this category.
·         Family Class
Another way of migration to Canada is through a spouse or a close family member who has permanent Canadian residency. They could sponsor you to come to Canadian and attain permanent residency.
·         Business Residency
Business residency is yet another form of Canadian immigration where you have to be either an investor or a businessperson. For an investor, you will be expected to cough out a certain amount of money into a Canadian business in a way that adds value to the economy. As a self-employed businessman, you will open a business and run it in Canada.
·         Canadian Experience Class
This last category is for those who come to Canada via student visas. If you clear your education and get a job in Canada, and are fluent in one or two languages, you stand a chance at permanent residency. You get the upper hand because you will be familiar with the country’s labor laws and you will be making a positive contribution to Canada.
There you Have It!
You can attain permanent residency into the country through those four ways. If you wish to make that Canada migration, nothing is stopping you.  

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